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Stay & Train



4 Week

The perfect program to train your dog in maintaining consistent "sit" and "down" positions amidst mild distractions, walking on a loose leash, and a solid place command to help maintain structure with your dog.


This program is like a treasure trove for dog owners, opening up a world of exciting possibilities for them to enjoy with their furry friend! 




6 Weeks

In our exciting 6-week Stay and Train program, your furry friend will master a consistent "sit" and "down" stay, effortless walking on a loose leash amid distractions, and honing a solid "place" command regardless of the chaos, your dog will transition into a well-behaved and responsive companion. The program also focuses on teaching your dog a reliable recall, ensuring they return to you promptly regardless of the exciting activities around them.


Our "Stay and Train" service offers comprehensive training for your furry friend. After staying with us, your dog will come home with an E-Collar they have been trained on, and we'll provide a go home lesson to ensure a smooth transition into their new routine at home, followed by a check-up lesson to make sure everything is going well.

Address Nuisance Behaviors

 Nuisance behaviors include things such as barking, digging, jumping, and counter-surfing. As with anything the 6 Week training will be more effective in permanently dealing with these issues. 

Benefits of Both


Real World Training

Your dog is spending all day every day learning to make the right decision in real world situations.

Personalized Training

More time spent with your dog helps us get to know how they learn best and more effectively apply training techniques for better results.


Better Results Faster

Your dog will receive hours of hands on training daily. This is incredibly beneficial for those with very busy daily schedules who simply do not have surplus time.

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