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Looking For Stay & Train?

In Homes

Bronze Package

3 Lessons - $600

Teach your dog to sit & down, stays & heeling on a loose leash among the mild distractions of your neighborhood

Silver Package

5 Lessons - $900

Teach your dog sit & down stays, heeling on a loose leash, place (down stay on a bed) & to come around low distractions

Diamond Package

10 Lessons - $1,500

Get even more reliable sit & down stays & place around high distractions, heeling on a loose leash in your neighborhood & at parks,  long distance recalls & address any behavior


*Off leash training possible with e collar if no behaviors need to be addressed.

Gold Package

7 Lessons - $1,200

Proof your dogs sit & down stays and place around higher distractions, heeling on a loose leash, drop leash comes & address excited behaviors including jumping & nipping

Stay And Train

Stay & Train



4 Week

Along with the confidence in your dog to stay, and the ability to enjoy calm walks around your neighborhood. You will also be able to relax while your dog settles on place and comes when you call in the house or in your yard.




6 Weeks

Your dog will learn off leash obedience* for sit & down stays, place, come & heel. Along with the basic commands we can address many behavioral issues. Our 6 week program includes the equipment we used for training your dog & three In-Home lessons up to an hour following the program to ensure all obedience learned transitions back to your home smoothly & that you are completely confident handling your dog in all situations.


*For dogs safety all off leash training is only taught with an E-Collar. 

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