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Hi, I'm Tyler.

My passion for dogs has been evident since the day I was old enough to chase them around. My passion for dog training became clear the day I owned a dog myself. Having no idea what to do with my crazy pup I invested much of my time into learning how to communicate with and get my dog to listen! After a few years of training my families and my own dogs I decided to do it for a job. I have been training dogs for almost 10 years and have been managing this business for about 5. 


Hi, I'm Esther!

I've grown up my entire life with dogs and from a young age I knew I wanted to work with them. After job shadowing at a dog training facility & then fostering a puppy for Leader Dogs for the Blind I knew that I had found my passion. Coincidentally the same facility that I job shadowed at was looking for an assistant dog trainer and I fit the bill! This dog training facility was also where I met Tyler! :) Tyler and I eventually left and decided to start our own business and thus, K9 AdvantEdge was born! We've been training dogs on our own since 2016 & have helped hundreds of dogs & their owners live happier, stress-free lives. 

Hi, I'm K9 AdvantEdge?

K9 AdvantEdge is a business started out of an intense passion for helping owners achieve the dogs of their dreams. Esther and Tyler knew they wanted to help dogs and their owners, and they knew this was the way to do it. About 5 years ago they decided to partner up and open their own business. From humble beginnings in Royal Oak Michigan to a much more busy and well known name in Brownstown Michigan these two have made training dogs their full time job. 

Our goal at K9 AdvantEdge is to bridge the gap between the owner and their dog to achieve the best life for the both of them. We believe dog training should be fun and simple for everyone. With enough dedication and willingness to learn people can achieve the dog of their dreams, and we are excited to help with that. 

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