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In Homes


One-on-One Training

Our trainers will work side-by-side with you to make sure you understand each training step.

Controlled Distractions

With our In-Home lessons we are able to help you through any distractions your dog struggles with in a structured and step by step approach.


Bronze Package

3 Lessons - $600

Teach your dog to sit & down, stays & heeling on a loose leash among the mild distractions of your neighborhood

Silver Package

5 Lessons - $900

Teach your dog sit & down stays, heeling on a loose leash, place (down stay on a bed) & to come around low distractions

Diamond Package

10 Lessons - $1,500

Get even more reliable sit & down stays & place around high distractions, heeling on a loose leash in your neighborhood & at parks,  long distance recalls & address any behavior


*Off leash training possible with e collar if no behaviors need to be addressed.

Gold Package

7 Lessons - $1,200

Proof your dogs sit & down stays and place around higher distractions, heeling on a loose leash, drop leash comes & address excited behaviors including jumping & nipping


Addressing Behaviors

With In-Home lessons we can address many behavioral problems you’re facing right where they are occurring.

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