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Crate Training Tips

Updated: Feb 3

Removing the boundaries of Crate Training

If you're here I am assuming that you already know the importance of crate training. (Or at least have an idea.) And so you're here to learn how to teach your pup to like their crate.

But in case you need a bit of encouragement that crating is the right thing to do, here are three reasons crate training is good for your pup.

1) It keeps your pup out of trouble

2) It keeps your pup safe

3) It helps prevent separation anxiety

So how can we get our pups to enjoy the crate? Here are a few simple tips. Keep in mind. When you first start, your pup just isn't going to like the crate. No dog or puppy does like the crate if they've never been in one or if the only experience they have with a crate is negative.

So without further ado...

Tip #1 - Feed your pup each meal in their crate.

Leave them in there with their food for 10-15 minutes, let them out, pick up any leftover food, & don't offer it again until the next meal, inside the crate.

Tip #2 - Teach your pup to go into the crate, lie down, and wait to be released.

Start by not even closing the door then slowly work your way towards closing the door & taking a couple steps away.

Tip #3 - Give your pup a special (and safe) treat they only get in their crate.

Peanut butter stuffed Kongs are a favorite with our pups!

Tip #4 - Periodically crate your pup while you're still home

This helps lessen the risk of developing separation anxiety.

Tip #5 - Cover up the crate and/or crate your pup in a separate room.

It's easier for your pup to settle down when they're not stimulated by everything going on around them.

Now let's get crating!

While this may not be an exhaustive list, if you implement these five tips and stick with them, you'll soon notice that you don't have to bribe your pup to get them in the crate. Then you'll notice that you haven't heard your pup whining or crying or barking in the crate for a while. And one day you'll realize that your pup is going right into their crate when you tell them to with no help whatsoever!

If you need more help learning how to implement these tips with your pup, check out our guidebook where we walk you through each of these tips as well as answer a few frequently asked questions.

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